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Workshop Overview:
In this workshop, we will focus on suture and staple management, needle orientation, and common types of laparoscopic stitching. Simple videos will provide a step-by-step process to progress from basic to more advanced laparoscopic suturing skills, with some tips and tricks along the way.

Course Description:
Half day practical workshop, with a goal for all participants to be proficient at tissue approximation. The course is suitable for attendees who wish to learn the fundamentals of laparoscopic suturing and offers:


- Tips and tricks of laparoscopic suturing
- Rigorous practical sessions with individualized tuition and feedback
- Effective and safe laparoscopic tissue handling
- Comparison to different suturing techniques
- Use of different suturing material like, braided suture, barbed sutures and staples
- Needle handling and bite placement
- Intracoporeal surgeon’s knot
- Extra corporeal knotting techniques
- Staple closure

Course Registration:

This course is open only for local participants and at no charge.

Participants capped at 12.

For interested parties, please contact Corissa Chee at .


Professor Jimmy So

Professor Hyung-Ho Kim

Dr. Asim Shabbir

Dr. Myint-Oo Aung


28th November 2019, Thursday

Advanced Surgical Training Centre (ASTC), Kent Ridge Wing Level 2, NUH

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