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Workshop Overview:
In this workshop, we will focus on suture and staple management, needle orientation, and common types of laparoscopic stitching. Simple videos will provide a step-by-step process to progress from basic to more advanced laparoscopic suturing skills, with some tips and tricks along the way.

Course Description:
Half day practical workshop, with a goal for all participants to be proficient at tissue approximation. The course is suitable for attendees who wish to learn the fundamentals of laparoscopic suturing and offers:


- Tips and tricks of laparoscopic suturing
- Rigorous practical sessions with individualized tuition and feedback
- Effective and safe laparoscopic tissue handling
- Comparison to different suturing techniques
- Use of different suturing material like, braided suture, barbed sutures and staples
- Needle handling and bite placement
- Intracoporeal surgeon’s knot
- Extra corporeal knotting techniques
- Staple closure

Course Registration:

This course is open only for local participants and at no charge.

Participants capped at 12.

For interested parties, please contact Corissa Chee at .


Professor Jimmy So

Professor Hyung-Ho Kim

Dr. Asim Shabbir

Dr. Myint-Oo Aung


28th November 2019, Thursday

Advanced Surgical Training Centre (ASTC), Kent Ridge Wing Level 2, NUH

National University Hospital, NUH

NUHS Tower Block Level 8,
Department of Surgery

1E Kent Ridge Road,

Singapore 119228

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